Self Defense Classes

Self Defense Classes

Self Defense Classes

Self defense classes are a great way to develop important life skills. Of course, the physical skills are something that we all hope that we will never need, but sadly, it is not something that anyone can guarantee. Self defense classes however for most have a really positive side effect. They build confidence, focus, and self-esteem, and these are skills that most people would agree can benefit everyone everyday. Even better, they also make you less likely to have to use your self defense skills – most people operate under the false belief that victims of assault are strangers or randomly picked. Decades of police statistics prove that simply isn’t true. Street type assaults most commonly occur when attackers perceive the person they attack to be an easy victim, someone who won’t fight back, and this is most often people they perceive to have low self-esteem or low confidence. Self defense classes surprise many people by how much they change unexpected aspects of their life. Feeling confident, feeling fit, and feeling healthy, are really great things, and the benefits are often felt in all aspects of your life.

Our self defense classes are conducted on the weekend, during the day, and in the evenings. Our self defense classes are for beginners, experienced martial artists, men, women, children (from 3yrs and up), everyone is welcome, regardless of your level of fitness or experience. Our self defense classes are designed to give everyone practical and effective self defense skills in fun, social, and engaging classes that are a great workout.

An often asked question about self defense classes is, how long will it take for me to learn to defend myself? It really depends on what you want. Some people might tell you that you can do a one day course and learn to defend yourself. The question to ask yourself is, does that really make sense? If what you have in mind is, a year from now, I’m out on a Saturday night with a few friends celebrating a birthday, and a drunk guy is being really aggressively, won’t back off no matter what I say, and tries to punch me then do who knows what else, would I, as a reflex, under that pressure, against a bigger stronger attacker, be able to remember my self defense techniques, and hit hard enough to stop him? If you’re thinking about now, I’d just knee him in the nuts, remember, most guys worked out when they were about 4 years old that hurts, and have spent their whole lives since working out how not to get hit in the nuts! Does that mean I have to do self defense classes for the rest of my life. Yes. Just joking. You need to do it enough so that it sticks. You might not catch a ball, ride a bike, or play chess every day, but when you’ve done enough of it, while you might be a little rusty, you could do it if you had to. Self defense is the same. We recommend to most people who want that type of skill, to think about coming along to a couple of self defense classes each week for six to twelve months (more is of course better). If you ask yourself if that sounds reasonable and makes sense, most people would agree, it does. Alternately, if you just want to learn a few strategies to keep a bit safer, and learn some extremely basic self defense skills, yes, you can get that out of a one day course or something equivalent. If you’re not sure, we’re happy to discuss self defense classes and everything self defense with you, so you can find the right type of self defense for you.

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