Self Defence Classes

Self Defence Classes

Krav Maga

Self defence classes are the perfect way to not only give you great self-defence skills, but also to build the confidence that comes with knowing that you can defend yourself should you have to. Our self defence classes also teach you strategies to help avoid being in the situation in the first instance, and how to diffuse it before it gets physical. Self defence classes are inherently a great workout too, and build fitness, flexibility, agility, coordination, and focus. If you have never done self defence classes before, you may be worrying about whether you are fit enough to start, or if you are too uncoordinated, too young, too old, or too something. The answer is almost always no, anyone can learn self defence. We also know that different people have different levels of experience, and outcomes that they want to achieve, which is also why our classes are split by experience level. We offer martial arts and self defence classes for beginners, advanced martial arts training, as well as offering self defence classes for adults, and children from 3 years. In other words, any one can enjoy and benefit from our self defence classes.

We offer self defence classes in various formats, so you can find something to suit your needs and what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for a few quick tips on self defence and a few strategies to help keep you a little safer, a one day or weekend workshop may suit your needs best. On the other hand, if your goal is to learn these same strategies, but really feel confident when you’re out at night, and feel safer knowing that you could physically defend yourself if you had no other option, then regular self defence classes will best help you achieve that goal. Why can’t you achieve that in a single day or weekend? Could you learn the piano or French in a weekend? Obviously not, it takes time, self defence is a skill. You can’t say to an attacker, wait, I’m not ready, that’s not fair, I don’t know that, common sense tells you, self defence means being ready for anything, bigger stronger attackers, defending yourself on the ground, against a choke, a knife, multiple attackers, and being good enough, having done it enough, that you can do it reflexively in an instant. Wait, I’m not ready won’t cut it on the street. Remember, if you’re not sure what will suit you best, give us a call, that’s what we’re here for.

Looking for regular self defence classes? We offer three different systems of self defence and martial art, so there’s something to suit everyone. All are taught by highly experienced and qualified Instructors, and all in our fully safety matted and air conditioned self defence and martial arts studio.

Self Defence Krav Maga – Stop, get back!

With a PhD in Security and Risk Management and decades of experience travelling the world for martial arts and security, Dr Gavriel Schneider – 7th Dan Black Belt Krav Maga and his team are the authority on self-defence training in Australasia and abroad. Krav Maga is great for a high intensity workout and street ready self-defence. This style is popular with people who have previous training in martial arts, security, police, military, and those looking to really challenge themselves.

Self Defence BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) – Grapple, Control, Dominate

With over a decade of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) training, MMA fight experience, and many years of sporting coaching and instructing, Professor Nic and his team are the people to see about all things grappling and fitness. Nic has a unique talent for teaching complex techniques in a way that makes it understandable for everyone, so you can learn an effective skill. This style is popular with those who like a challenge, a great workout, and the idea of wrestling and submitting an opponent without striking.

Evening, daytime, weekend, and private self defence and martial arts lessons are available in all styles.

Self Defence Taekwondo

Krav Maga

Self Defence Taekwondo – Easy to Learn Self Defence

Our Self Defence Taekwondo Classes are led by Grand Master Chris Blight – 9th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo. Chris has been teaching self defence for over 45 years. Approachable and formidable, Chris and his team will teach you easy to learn self-defence, focus and confidence while making you fitter and more flexible. Our modern system of Self Defence Taekwondo includes techniques and skills from boxing, karate, hapkido, kung fu, and bjj, to give you practical skills and is great for improving your overall fitness and giving you the skills to defend yourself. This is our most popular system with people who have never done any self defence training previously.

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  • Special Classes For Beginners.
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